Mr. Peter Urs Bender
  The Achievement Group
  108-150 Palmdale Drive
  Toronto, ON
  M1T 3M7

  November 20, 2001

  Dear Peter,

  Congratulations on your forthcoming new book Gutfeeling. After going through the manuscript, I wish to
  applaud your ability to continue to write so many books that are so practical yet entertaining, interesting and
  easy to read. No big words -- just big ideas! And that's just what we need today.

  As you know, my mission is to help young women realize that the sky is the limit in terms of today's career
  choices. In the past twelve months I have presented to more than 10,000 of them encouraging them to realize
  the importance of choosing a career that is aligned with their passions in life. In short, they need to tune in to
  their gutfeeling and identify what they truly enjoy doing so they can create a future for themselves that is
  rewarding, exciting and satisfying. You can see why I immediately felt a connection to your book!

  One of my favourite statements that you make is that "Managers follow rulebooks. Good leaders, if they have
  enough guts, follow their Gutfeeling." How true. I have seen that over and over again and have personally
  experienced it with great success!

  I was also pleased to read that you believe women are more likely than men to listen to their Gutfeeling. I won't  
  argue with that!

  As you say, the book is not a fix-all. But it is a great help in awakening your inner power.

  Peter, I wish you all the very best with your "new baby". Congratulations once again!


  Akela Peoples
  Executive Directory
  Women in Motion Career Education