December 5, 2001

  Mr. Peter Urs Bender
  C/O TAG Publishing
  108-150 Palmdale Drive
  Toronto, Ontario M1T 3M7

  Dear Peter,

  I have a "Gutfeeling" that this book will be a great success as it deals
  with the critical point of differentiation between Managers and Leaders.

  Leaders and entrepreneurs use intuition as much as anything in
  divining vision, strategy and dealing with change. The quantitative bean
  counters be damned. That is how we ended up with Irrational Experience.
  Gutfeeling should be forced reading for every MBA student, but make their
  professors read it first.

  As General Normal Schwartzkopf said often after the gulf War...
  "We always intuitively know the right thing to do. The hardest thing is to do

  Kind regards

  Jerry White