June 20, 2001

  Mr. Peter Urs Bender
  Peter Urs Bender
  108-150 Palmdale Drive
  Toronto, ON
  M1T 3M7

  Wow, what a great presentation Peter:

  You are the consummate professional! Your style, your camaraderie and how you use your
  voice are key elements that make your presentations so catchy. You definitely had everyone  
  with you as you gave your presentation.

  The feedback from the Canadian Public Relations Society is most favourable. Even from
  the president who was very specific in letting me know that he rarely is pleasently surprised
  with speakers. He tells me you were effective and you had lots of information he could take
  away with him.

  Bravo! It is always exciting when you have the opportunity to help someone see things
  through different coloured lenses.

  Peter, I have heard very good comments from those whom I have contacted to follow up in
  regards to your presentation on Leadership from Within. The stories, the information and
  the style have certainly had an impact on your audience.

  It will be a pleasure to work with you again.

  Sherry Knight