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Shared Responsibility...

Make your company take more responsibility for things it can control.
Create a company with synergy...
that's going in the direction you want.

Start with a key group of managers (no more than a dozen) who train directly with Peter Urs Bender.
Then those managers implement the program with their own staff.
The training will permeate your whole organization, not just remain the exclusive property of an elite group of managers.

The concept is based on the international best seller Leadership from Within.
The aim is to show everyone in your company they have much more control within their own four walls than they thought.
It's a morale-builder that will benefit all your employees.

The program consists of a one- to three-day session (depending on your needs) followed by one or two 2-hour follow-up sessions within a month.
Each participant in the key group will get an extensive portfolio, and appropriate reference materials to train your employees.

The program is is based on the premise that everyone is different. To find out what type of person you are, click here.

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