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Power Speech
Stunning Presentation Secrets

   Q. What's the worst way to start of a presentation? A. With a joke! Most truly funny canned jokes offend someone. And they waste time. Peter Urs Bender's unorthodox audiotape recipe for power presentations is the best this reviwer has heard.
   Prepare. Be sure you know at least 10 times more about your subject than you plan to say. Rehearse exhaustively, especially the opening and closing. Eighty-five speakers out of 100 open their speeches too fast.
   Practice rattling of fyour opening at high speed, in a loud voice, with superfast gestures, for 30 seconds. For the next 30 seconds, slow it down to a dead crawl, in a very soft voice. Do tihs a few times before your talk, and your tempo will be perfect.
   While being introduced, build confidence: Smile and look around, at the audience and the speaker.
   Charles DeGaulle said that silence is the ultimate weapon of power. In your speech, periodically look at the audience, never breaking eye contact, and saying nothing. It works.

This classic self help Audio cassette album has:
  • 8 lessons on "Power Presenting" (approx 22 minutes ea.)
  • Includes 4-cassette tapes & 56-page work book
  • Cassette tapes are 100% co-ordinated with work book to make learning enjoyable
  • Author does not read the book, but he enrolls you in a learning experience
If you are not satisfied with the tapes, but completed all of the exercises, please return the tapes along with your receipt to Peter Urs Bender for a 100% refund.

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