December 6, 2001

  Dear Peter,

  I had the pleasure to sit in on your seminar "Marketing on a Shoestring", sponsored by
  CFRB a while ago. I must say I was impressed with you knowledge on that left-brained

  However, when I learned you were writing a book on Gutfeeling, I thought: "Finally
  someone is using that word 'gut' and not apologizing for it." In the years that I have
  been in business, it seemed to me that the word 'gut' had a negative connotation, as
  something that is ephemeral or lacking in real substance and cannot be measured
  quantitatively. I decided to use the word 'instinct' instead as it seemed to be more
  acceptable to most people. Now I am thrilled that 'gutfeeling' is coming out of the closet
  and into the light.

  I have read part of your manuscript, and I totally agree with your viewpoint.

  As you say: "one has to learn to listen to one's Gutfeeling."
  Women are generally much better equipped to do that than men.

  When we started our business, we did not have much money or backup, but I trusted in
  my own Gutfeeling and just stayed the course.
  There are thousands of happy customers throughout the country, and many more
  opportunities to grow.

  Keep on under-promising and over-delivering!

  And always trust your 'gutfeeling'!

  Wishing you all the best with your new book.

  Renée Unger

  Intercorp Excelle
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