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March 2005: Final Standing Ovation for Peter Urs Bender
January 2005: Spirit of CAPS 2005
When the members of CAPS nominate an individual for any high honour – it is only to those most deserving! This past year the CAPS members got it right again! At the 2004 National CAPS Convention, long-standing member, Peter Urs Bender, CSP, HoF was honoured by his peers by being awarded the “Spirit of CAPS” Award.
January 2004: Auf Wiedersehen
Text Version (270 Words)
The speaking business bids auf wiedersehen to a tough competitor. Peter Urs Bender CSP, HoF announces his retirement. But you will still see his books displayed at the bookstores.
December 2003: Sponsors
Text Version (500 Words)
Getting companies or individuals to help sponsor your event or convention is only a phone call away. Consider your organization’s own members and their contacts, and then make them an offer which benefits them, says Peter Urs Bender.
April 2003: Trust Failures
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A lack of trust is having a major negative impact on our lives, says Peter Urs Bender. He believes it stems from poor decision-making in both business and government. Trust comes from within, he says, and we have to work hard to maintain it.
November 2002: Peter Urs Bender's Management Essentials
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Short descriptions of Peter's newest program, based on all of his five books. This could be presented as a keynote, a half-day, one-day, or two-day seminar.
May 2002: Gutfeeling = Intuition in Action
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Is it good looks, positioning, the right name or education that produced outstanding business people? They're all factors that help. But there is one additional factor. It's the ability to listen to your Gutfeeling.
May 2002: Globe and Mail-It takes all types to be a good manager
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A short description of the four basic personality types. To become a better manager you must not only understand yourself, but also understand the characteristics of your co-workers.
December 2001: Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame honors Peter Urs Bender
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The Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame has inducted Peter Urs Bender, one of the country's best-known business authors and speakers, into its ranks. He is one of only eleven Canadians ever so honored.
May 2001: Take control of your communication before it takes control of you
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Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication is aimed at giving its readers clear, crisp, practical, down-to-earth guidance on how to improve communication with anyone they deal with.

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