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  "...We have received very positive feedback on the success of the conference... We have received tremendous responses to your presentation..." -Jim Keating, Speakers Forum
  "...Your keynote address was certainly one of the highlights of our meeting and a significant contributor to its success..." -Nina Hawkins, The Laser Center Inc.
  "...Especially powerful was the way you raised the energy and the excitement in the room..." -Dan Sautner, Padgett Business Services
  "...You have provided us with some excellent ideas on how to continually improve the services we offer our corporate guests..." -Hack McClellan, Glen Abbey Golf Club
  "...The entertaining fashion in your delivery made the experience memorable...I have recommended to all of our owner/brokers that they obtain a copy [of Secrets of Power Presentations]..." -Hugh Cook, Countrywide
  "...There has been a noticeable (and very positive) change in the attitude and performance across the company...I have been actively recommending you to my business associates..." -Andrew J. White, Laurentian Media Inc.
  "...The content and delivery of your presentation were excellent..." -John E. Hill, CRCA
  "...I am sure we would not hesitate to call on your talents again for similar or other seminars in the future..." -W. Justrich, Holderbank
  "...I would highly recommend your services to any individual or corporation that is interested in ensuring that presentations are conducted in a highly professional, and competent style..." -Michael Diamond, Minicom Data Corporation
  "...What a fantastic way of learning while being entertained..." -Pierre Lussier, H.A.P.P.E.N.
  "...the standing ovation you received from the conference attendees, a first at one of our conferences!" -Susan Hodkinson, TLOMA
  "...Thank you for your outstanding presentation at...your speech was very well received...Not only did they enjoy your address, but they liked you and your method of delivery..." -Lou Smith, Canadian Water Quality Association

  "...I can give you some of the delegates' comments concerning your presentation. Overall, the response was extremely positive and on our scale of one to six (six being the best) you received mostly sixes..." -Philip Pietersma, Canadian Student Leadership Conference
  "...Your rating was the highest of all speakers...the audience rated you #1!..." -Donna Harris, CWC Toronto Chapter
  "...Thank you very much for the wonderful seminar on power presentations you gave to the first year MBA class...this gave them confidence to try and develop their own public speaking abilities to a higher level..." -Dan Ondrack, University of Toronto
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