Sunday, June 11, 2000

  Peter Urs Bender
  108-150 Palmdale Drive
  Ontario M1T 3M7

  Dear Peter,

       If I am ever asked to describe how I would open a conference in 10 words or less
  my response would be very short, but immediate. Peter Urs Bender. Your appearance at
  the Nurse to Nurse Conference held at the Hamilton Convention Centre last month, was
  nothing short of inspiring.

       As you will be aware from the media stories, nurses have gone through a lot of
  late - downsizing, devaluing and much continuous and on-going change which have all
  led to low morale. Plus we are traditionally a "hard sell" audience. You led off the
  conference on a very positive, upbeat note which set the tone for the rest of the day's
  events. After listening to you I would challenge anyone in the room not to believe in
  themselves and create their own vision.

       The evaluations will not be conducted until the end of June as we are preparing
  to attend the Canadian Nurses Convention in Vancouver next week, but I will be happy
  to share the results with you when complete. But let me say the conference was held two  
  weeks ago and the nurses are still talking about you and your message -- which I feel
  speaks volumes in itself.

       Thank you for being the "right person at the right time."

       Petra Cooke, Chairman
       [on behalf of the Event Planning Committee]