Mr. Peter Urs Bender

  Dear Peter:

       Just a short note to thank you for the splendid presentation
  you made at our annual Marketing Convention. In a direct, succinct
  manner you were able to encapsulate many of the concepts and ideas  
  we were presenting in the meetings. Quite obviously you prepared
  for our group and were able to incorporate many of our messages. It
  was wonderful to have our audience hear such great reinforcement of  
  our theme.

       Especially powerful was the way you raised the energy and the
  excitement in the room. After three days of presentations, the
  group had started to flag. Your presentation brought the energy
  level back up to a high and allowed us to finish the convention
  wish some powerful attitudes.

     Peter, thanks again, you made a significant contribution to
  the success of our convention in Montreal.

  Sincerely yours,
  Dan Sautner, C.A.