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Management Essentials

Peter Urs Bender

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Executive Overview

To Peter Urs Bender, management essentials include self knowledge, the ability to communicate clearly with individuals and groups, the ability to market yourself, and the intuitive sense of "when to hold and when to fold." These ideas form the basis for his five business books.

"I see my books as a continuum, not as separate compartmentalized topics," says Bender.

"All leadership flows from self-knowledge (Leadership from Within).

"To be an effective leader you must be able to communicate one-one-one (Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication), as well as to groups (Secrets of Power Presentations).

"You must also be able to sell yourself and your ideas to the world at large (Secrets of Power Marketing). Above all you must learn to listen to that voice within (Gutfeeling: Instinct and Spirituality @ Work)."

Bender believes that integrity is the mother of all management strength. It is a core management value, and encompasses all the other characteristics needed to be successful. It is especially important in a business environment where apparent lack of it is shaking the very foundations of capitalism.

Other key management characteristics include reliability, honesty (particularly with yourself) punctuality, compassion, sharing, and a positive attitude towards life, not just on the job.

In fact, that's a hallmark of Bender's business message. It's not just about how to be successful in business, but how to be successful in life. He sees business and home life as part of the same continuum, and encourages managers to merge business and home life more harmoniously.

He admits it's difficult, but his answer to that is, "If we do what we've always done, we'll get what we've always gotten."

This program will cover topics from every one of Bender's books, including how to know yourself and others, how to create a positive working environment, and managing your time effectively.

Presenting or marketing yourself in the best light is an important aspect of a manager's skills, and to do this managers need effective verbal and written communication skills.

Other segments will cover goal setting, risk-taking, how to manage meetings, and how to handle upset employees and bosses.

Above all, Bender encourages managers to get in touch with their spirituality and intuition. He regards these as important as reason, logic, and analysis-the traditional tools of management.

"Spirituality does not come from religion; religion comes from spirituality," says Bender.

"You can be spiritual without being religious, and you can be religious without being spiritual. But a good manager has to be both spiritual and intuitive."

Most senior managers agree that 'Gutfeeling' is the critical point of differentiation between Managers and Leaders.

"Get in touch with your intuition, and follow its advice. It will seldom lead you astray," he says.

Course Outline

  • What you need to be a modern manager
    The differences between old- and new-style management, and what makes an effective manager in the 21st century.
  • Key management characteristics
    Seven things that make an effective manager today.
  • What company, self, and employee knowledge will build
    The key to performance is self knowledge.
  • Creating a positive working environment
    The five most common morale killers and how to cope with them.
  • Time management essentials
    How to avoid the ten worst time-wasters without being rude.
  • How to present yourself in the best light
    Seven steps to help you think, act and communicate more effectively.
  • Effective written and verbal communication
    Presenting ideas to yourself and others.
  • Goal setting
    Ideas are useless until they're implemented.
  • Risk-taking
    "If we do what we've always donoe, we'll get what we've always gotten."
  • Marketing your department and yourself
    You cannot not market.
  • Meetings bloody meetings
    Six ways to make them more effective.
  • Handling upset employees and bosses
    Techniques for smoothing ruffled feathers.
  • Gutfeeling in the workplace
    Instinct and intuition are as important as reason, logic, analysis, and connections.
  • Parting words to Yourself
    Ideas are useless if not implemented.

Biography of Peter Urs Bender

Author of four Canadian best sellers, Peter Urs Bender is an international lecturer and a dynamic speaker. His presentations inform, entertain, and motivate.
     But speaking didn't come easily to Mr. Bender. Swiss-born, he didn't even learn English till the age of 23. More importantly, he overcame an extreme fear of speaking publicly, and dyslexia (a learning disability) to get where he is today. Perhaps that's what makes him such a popular speaker, and why companies and the media frequently ask him for advice. He lives what he talks about.
     Peter Urs Bender instructs both top managers and employees in almost any industry you can think of-from high technology and science, to service, manufacturing, education and finance. He gives up to 100 keynote presentations and seminars a year.
     In the past year he has made dozens of appearances on national radio and television. His down-to-earth philosophy and practical tips have been quoted extensively by Canada's national newspapers, magazines, and many other North American and European publications.
     Leadership from Within, is an international best seller. Along with Secrets of Power Presentations, now in its tenth year of publication, it has sold more than 100,000 copies in Canada, and been translated into more than a dozen languages. Both are often used as resource texts in business colleges, universities, and the Fortune Top 500 companies. Presentations earned him the title "Canada's Presentations Guru" in the press.
     Secrets of Power Marketing, instantly became a North American best seller. It has now been translated into several additional languages. Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication, went into a second printing barely a month after its release. His latest book Gutfeeling is following the success of his others.
     In 1994 Peter Urs Bender received the coveted Certified Speaking Professional designation (CSP) from the U.S. National Speakers Association. Only a few Canadians have ever achieved this distinction. In 1995 he was awarded the Communications and Leadership Award from Toastmasters International, and in 2001 was inducted into the Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame. He is one of only eleven Canadians to be so honored.


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