January 2002

  Peter Urs Bender
  TAG Publishing
  108-150 Palmdale Drive
  Toronto, Ontario M1T 3M7

  Dear Peter,

  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book Gutfeeling.

  I remember well when I was a young lawyer in Chicago and I had a client that was interested in
  acquiring a McDonald's franchise for Hawaii. For the better part of a year, I negotiated with
  McDonald's on his behalf. I met with Ray Kroc, McDonald's founder, frequently and I was
  pretty sure we had things in the bag. I had developed a good relationship with Ray; we
  understood each other, we trusted one another, and we liked one another. I didn't see how he
  could possibly turn us down, but he did. Ray had his own way of doing things. He put great
  store in his instincts - insticts that had, by the way, served him very well. Ray's instincts were at  
  work when he was on a flight one day and found himself sitting beside a bright energetic
  Hawaiian resident who seemed to have everything Ray was looking for in a franchisee. They hit
  it off, and before the plane touched down, the Hawaiian franchise was gone.

  Ray called me and said, "sorry about Hawaii, but the rights to most of Eastern Canada are
  open". My client, who had his heart set on Hawaii, was stunned and after talking with his wife,
  decided they would pass on Ray's offer of the rights to Eastern Canada.

  When I called Ray to let him know of my client's decision, Ray said, "George, you don't want to
  be a lawyer for the rest of your life. Why don't you get involved". After talking it over with my
  wife, and listening to my instincts, I took him up on his offer...and, as they say, the rest is
  history. Thirty-four years later, we have over 1200 restaurants across Canada.

  I'm glad I listed to my Gutfeeling. If your book only helps a few to wake up that unkown
  power, it was worth writing.

  Peter, I wish you all the very best.


  George A. Cohon