Gutfeeling = Intuition in Action

Toronto, June 2002 - Is it good looks, positioning, the right name or education that produces outstanding business people? They're all factors that help. But Peter Urs Bender believes there is one additional factor - it's the ability to listen to your Gutfeeling.

Instinct and Intuition are intangibles, yet they're as real as Reason, Logic, and Analysis. Bender believes we can develop our Gutfeeling. It's really a process of letting our subconscious into our conscious minds - of becoming rather than "being."

Gutfeeling is a departure from Peter's previous books, but an extension of his philosophy of leadership. In Leadership from Within the emphasis is on knowing yourself, identifying your values, motivations, and personality type. In Gutfeeling the emphasis is on learning how to listen to your inner feelings, your instincts and intuitions - then learning how to act on them.

Gutfeeling, Bender believes, rarely leads you astray. Business people act on hunches every day without recognizing what they are. After you've done the reasoned, logical analysis there is a moment when it pays to stop and listen to your feelings and emotions. What are they telling you?

Women are often better at this than men, Bender says. That's because they often make decisions in which emotion and intuition are part of the decision-making process.

But everyone feels emotion, even if they deny it. That denial is what Bender hopes we can overcome. Instinct, intuition, spirituality, feelings, emotions - Gutfeeling for short - if allowed to play its proper role, can lead us to a richer, fuller, more secure life.

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