Take control of your communication
before it takes control of you

Face-to-Face Communication is aimed at giving its readers clear, crisp, practical down-to-earth guidance on how to improve communication with anyone they deal with. It's about that most important activity-one-on-one communication.
     It is also, first and foremost, a system. Systems change behaviors-yours. It is a system based on experience-the experience of Peter Urs Bender and Dr. Robert Tracz-two very different individuals who, nevertheless, are communication specialists in their own fields.
     The book does not outline a way of life-other than to support the objective of clear, friendly and improved communication with others. It is not a psychological treatise-although those of you familiar with psychology may notice that some of its techniques refer to modern research as it has been absorbed into popular culture
     The emphasis is on a system of communication, because authors Bender and Tracz know from their other work that systematizing your approach to virtually any activity-marketing, presenting, leading-can help you excel at the activity.
     The authors believe that face-to-face communication is one of the most important and fulfilling activities humans can accomplish-but that like any activity it needs to acquire some conscious structure to proceed with success.
     From the day we are born we begin to communicate. In fact, it's true to say that you cannot not communicate. Poor communication skills can condemn you to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness. Likewise, good communications skills can lead you to success beyond your wildest dreams.
     By the time we reach adulthood, most of our communication activities are performed subconsciously. We use these skills whether we are aware of them or not. This book will help make you more conscious of how you communicate. It will also show how your subconscious behavior might be changed in ways to make you a better communicator.
     Your will notice some similarities between this and other books that have appeared, specifically under Peter Urs Bender's authorship, because the topics he deals with are interconnected.
     Leadership from Within, for instance, urges us to get to know our inner selves and to call on the inner strengths we all have but might not be aware of.
     Secrets of Power Presentations is about how to present in front of groups.
     Secrets of Power Marketing is a book on marketing for non-marketing people. Both are both about acquiring skills to make us more successful in life.
     Face-to-Face Communication is about that, too. It's an alphabetical manual about acquiring the skills to make you a better communicator. It will also help you to be more successful at dealing with people in your personal and working lives.

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