May 14, 1993

  Mr. Peter Urs Bender
  108-150 Palmdale Drive
  Toronto, Ontario M1T 3M7

  Dear Peter:

  I must first say that your seminars have been first class. There has been a noticeable (and
  very positive) change in the attitude and performance across the company. As you might
  have noticed, I have been actively recommending you to my business associates.

  Your seminars "Sell Yourself to Yourself" are a perfect fit for the tough 90's. As you
  always say, there are no quick fixes. To keep a competitive edge, we must continually
  "sharpen the saw".

  Peter, all the staff at Laurentian Media have expressed their enjoyment with your
  presentations and their desire for us to continue working with you in providing them with  
  your first class seminars.

  Andrew J. White
  Chief Operating Officer