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Keynote Introduction to Peter Urs Bender
on "Leadership from Within"

Throughout history...and in every industry...people who are inspired and motivated produce better results. They communicate better. They work better. They create organizations which are more profitable - and more fun.

After years of studying leaders, Peter Urs Bender has come to one conclusion: Power and Leadership come from within. The challenge is to help people develop these skills. Peter Urs Bender has helped thousands to do just that.

"Leadership from Within," was originally published by Stoddart in 1997. It was designed exclusively for the Canadian market. However, its fundamental good sense and practical advice found favor with companies throughout the world. It is now published in many languages and is available in a revised international edition. It is used as a learning tool and is required reading in some of the world's top 500 companies.

Today, Mr. Bender will share both his experience and his road map for finding "Leadership from Within..."

Please give a warm welcome to Peter Urs Bender...

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