Peter Urs Bender
  The Achievement Group
  108-150 Palmdale Drive

  Toronto, Canada, M1T 3M7

22 März 2001  

  Dear Peter

  As you know, we are the leading company in the Events and Incentives business in Europe. Our
  clients are leaders in the leaders in their fields through the European Union, and the world.

  When we looked for a seminar to improve our presentation skills, you came hlighly recommended
  by one of our employees who saw you presenting in Germany. That's the reason I contacted you.
  However, when you quoted me US $25,000 for four days training, I thought, "That's too much."
  At kogag, we invest our money wisely.

  Our management team talked it over, and we decided to proceed with two groups. These people
  were extensively trained by you, and I must say I think it was one of kogag's wisest investments.

  Our people came away from these training sessions with increased confidence, the ability to think  
  on their feet, and the understanding that each presentation has to be tailored to its recipient.

  The sessions were so successful, in fact, I look forward to working with you again training
  another group.

  Markus Jäger
  Creative Manager