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For Immediate Release

Auf Wiedersehen
Stratford, ON January 2004

The speaking business bids auf wiedersehen to a tough competitor. Peter Urs Bender CSP, HoF announces his retirement. But you will still see his books displayed at the bookstores.

Peter has often surprised others. To some it was surprising for Peter to succeed in this business for which he appeared to lack credentials and faced too many obstacles. What surprised you the most about Peter? That he once feared public speaking or his media label as Canada's Presentation Guru. His dyslexia or his five books? His pragmatic approach or that he wrote a book about spirituality? His bold and creative promotions or the media coverage he garnered? His infectious energy or his 19 marathons? His direct and sometimes abrupt manner or his warm generosity? His lessons of success or his incredibly positive spin on his shortfalls? His Benderisms, that no one else could get away with, or the way he made you smile and laugh? His achievements or his chutzpah to attempt them?

Peter succeeded in the speaking business in spite of the odds. And for that his legacy can continue to be a model for all of us.

Peter has always been a giver - to the community, to individuals and to our association. Since the beginning Peter contributed directly to CAPS with his time, effort and money. Recently he raised $60,000 in sponsorships for the CAPS convention.

Peter has surprised us, entertained us and helped us. We will miss him on the platform, at Chapter meetings and at the conventions. We wish him well in his retirement and next achievements.

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