Mr. Peter Urs Bender
The Achievement Group
150 Palmdale Drive, Unit 108
Toronto, Ontario
M1T 3M7

Dear Peter,

Your presentation to our North American sales force was
extremely well received.

For both the seasoned professionals, who each contribute
sales well in excess of one million dollars, and our newest
recruits, the reinforcement of the fundamentals of effective,
selling provided numerous valuable new hints, tips and a good
overall refresher.

Our Regional Sales Management team is now half way through
teh "Sales Managers Motivation Program". I am very impressed  
with the course personally and I am very excited to see each
and every manager already working with new ideas that they
have gleaned from their studies.

This fiscal year for Infocentre is an exciting one. Sales
are growing rapidly and your involvement with our sales team
is helping us to address this growth and prepare for a more
exciting year, next year.

Yours truly,

Karen Heater
Corporate Sales Manager.