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Peter Urs Bender died Monday, March 7, 2005.

To read the death announcement click here.

In lieu of flowers please send a donation to:
Swan Pack
53 Corcoran Street
Stratford, ON.
N5A 1V6
Who is Swan Pack?
Swan Pack is a charity "Who helps those who cannot help themselves".
Swan Pack provides meaningful employment for people with various disabilities. They perform projects with simple repetitive tasks for business and associations. This includes packaging and assembly.

Why Swan Pack?
After Peter was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4, he decided to spend some of his remaining time helping those who cannot help themselves. He found the need and outlet for his skills in Swan Pack. They could perform repetitive manual tasks well. And they needed help to sell their services. Peter knew how to sell and was no stranger to cold calls. During some of his last months Peter sold the services of Swan Pack. Peter donated all of his time.

If you would like to say thank you to Peter, your donation to Swan Pack would be appreciated and you would be helping those who cannot help themselves.

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