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Keynote Introduction to Peter Urs Bender
on "Gutfeeling"

As managers we need to react faster than ever before in the speeding marketplace. In any business, Reason, Logic, and Analysis are important factors in planning and running the operation. But so are Instinct and Intuition. Peter Urs Bender calls these intangibles "Gutfeeling."

After extensive interviews with business executives, Bender decided to write a book about it. His interviews convinced him it's the factor that spells success. Business people act on hunches every day without ever recognizing what they are.

Bender believes that after you've done the reasoned, logical anaylsis there's a moment when it pays to stop and listen to your feelings and emotions. What are they telling you?

With some tips on how to let your Gutfeeling play its proper role in your business, here is Peter Urs Bender. Please give him a warm welcome...

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