March 3, 1999

  Peter Urs Bender, CSP
  Certified Speaking Professional

  Dear Mr. Bender:

  It has been a few weeks now since the second biennial Canadian Student Leadership Conference was
  brought to a close and 68 fulfilled delegates returned to their respective universities to eagerly resume
  their leadership roles on campus. The Conference was a huge success and although it is nice to resume
  the steady pace of our studies, I am sure my colleagues will agree when I say that I miss the excitement
  and the challenges the conference provided. Personally, the many hours and days spent developing the
  conference and ensuring its smooth running were extremely fulfilling and educational. Our delegates
  expressed similar feelings and impressions both personally and through their evaluations of the

  I have read through all the evaluations in an effor to assimilate constructive recommendations for the
  next executive team and also so that I can give you some of the delegates comments concerning your
  presentation. Overall, the response was extremely positive and on our scale of one to six (six being the
  best) you received mostly sixes. One delegate summed up the majority of responses: "Mr. Bender's
  session was useful, enlightening, fun and energetic" and many delegates felt that you were their
  favourite part of the day. I must admit that I am not surprised by the responses of the delegates. I
  recognize that you generally only speak in the morning, however the crowd was re-energized by the end
  of your session.

  I cannot being to thank you enough for joinging us and bringing to life your theories and practices on
  'leadership from within' for the delegates. I know that you have a very busy schedule and on behalf of
  the executive team I want to express our appreciation and indebtedness for allowing us to occupy some
  of your time. Your presentation not only added diversity to the content of the conference but also
  instilled in our delegates a different sense of added leadership and practical speaking and presenting skills  
  needed to release themselves in their respective endevours.

  Thank you once again.

  Best regards,

  Philip Pietersma
  Speakers and Logistics Coordinator
  Canadian Student Leadership Conference 1999