April 27, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Peter Urs Bender

Peter Urs Bender is one of Canada's most accomplished authors and speakers.
That's why we hired him to give the Keynote Address at the opening of our
Canadian International Turfgrass Conference & Trade Show in Toronto, in March.

Unfortunately, we changed the format of our event this year to accommodate the
Metro Toronto Convention Centre and we had to rearrange events to "fit the time
available." Because this was our 50th Anniversary show, you can imagine how
many "habits" our attendees had to un-learn.

Normally, we open our Conference & Trade Show with the Keynote Speech on
Sunday morning and there's usually 400 to 450 people in attendance. The opening
reception is always on Saturday night. The first night!

In 1999, we tried to change things to fit our more restrictive schedule. So we
scheduled the Keynote Address at 6:00 pm and the President's Reception at 7:30
pm at the CN Tower on the first night. Well, old habits die-hard. Only about a
150 people remembered to show up for Peter's speech while that many plus about
50 more were over at the CN Tower waiting for the elevators to begin going up at
7:30 p.m. (We ended up with 350 at the President's Reception.)

Those who were actually in the audience (even with a much smaller than
anticipated group) were captivated by Peter Urs Bender's message about 'Leading
From Within.' He held the audience's attention like few speakers can. The
evaluation forms we received after were overwhelmingly positive about his

So if a speaker can be good under such trying conditions, just think what might
have happened.

Peter Urs Bender offers organizers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or they don't

We paid!

Yours truly,

R. Vince Gillis, CAE
Executive Director

S1/Peter Urs Bender