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Uncomplimentary Reviews

My nephew Eric Bender is great guy, born in Canada (but still with some Swiss in his blood) does not like my latest book video at all. He sent me an email, saying: "It seems a little too comical and outdated. You do manage to get your message across, but I believe that there is too much empahsis on humor. The sound effects come across as "cheesy" instead of "effective" and "modern". A first I thought you were selling a children's book."

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When books are newly published, they hopefully get a lot of reviews; but the first is always the most important. When I receive the first review for "Leadership from Within", I was ready to jump out a window. Thank heavens I work out of a townhouse.
Linden Arden did a business book review on "Leadership" in which he said: "This book suffers from an annoying lack of substance. This disastrous book should be avoided."

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The review is not the end of the story, however. I discovered I was in good company with bad reviews. I took a leaf out of my own book, and turned a negative into a positive.

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