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Peter Urs Bender is a well-known keynote speaker and seminar leader in Canada and
Europe. His entertaining and informative presentations run from 45 minutes to three days.
His down-to-earth philosophy is spelled out clearly in his five books, and in the series of
articles below. Many of these were written for and used in such publications as the
Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Financial Post, Vancouver Sun, Commercial News,
Canadian Business Magazine, Ivey Business Quarterly, Success Magazine,
and many other North American newspapers and publications. We invite you to freely
download any of this information for your own publications, whether in printed or
electronic form. The articles are business oriented, and involve the following topics:
Leadership, Communication, Presentation, Marketing.
Because we do not charge, we expect you to use the full credit provided
at the bottom of each article, or if space is limited, give full credit to
Peter Urs Bender, and include his website address: or

Straight from Peter's books:

Eight short descriptive articles of topics from the book, Text versions from (100 to 1000 words). Original created for News Canada.

Leadership from Within
Eight short descriptive articles of topics from the book, Text versions from (100 to 1000 words). Original created for News Canada.

Secrets of Power Presentations
Eleven short descriptive articles of topics from the book, Text versions from (100 to 1000 words). Original created for News Canada.

Some of Peter's articles, and a few from others about Peter and his work:

Peter's Principles
No text version available
Over the years, Peter and I had spoken a few times over the phone and traded some email messages, but never conversed face-to-face. Now here I was, calling for advice on how I could develop a prosperous enterprise like his.

Text Version (673 words)
What makes one aggressive? It has to do with perception and feelings of inferiority. How you see others, and the particular situation, can lead to feeling threatened - and that leads, in turn, to aggressive behavior.

A little Swiss Chutzpah...
No text version available
One of many reviews of "Secrets of Power Marketing", this one by Michael Kennedy, for the National Post. Outlines some of the proven techniques Bender has used over the years to promote his work.

Body Mass - The Key to Success?
Text Version (1600 words)
Why do presidents always wear clothes in large sizes?It’s a fact that the bigger you are, the more likely you are programmed for success from kindergarten on. Small guys can get to the top, too. But they take a very different route.

Coping with Technology Changes
Text version (950 words)
We have to learn to live with new technologies-but not be dictated to by them. When you take up new technologies learn to listen to younger people. They are ahead of their elders. Adaptability is the key word to survival.

Dealing with the Media
Text version (1900 words)
When you think of the media, you tend to think of a "Thing" that eats little entrepreneurs for breakfast. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article Peter describes how to work comfortably with the media.

Decorate your Speaker
Text Version (1099 words)
The impact a presenter has on his audience depends not only on the speaker, but on the lighting, the arrangment of the room, and his total perceived presence. The wise meeting planner tries to create the perfect ambience.

Difficult Customers, how to deal with
Text version (900 words)
In a perfect world, everyone would be just like you. But the Golden Rule on dealing with others has changed. Bender shows you how to deal with others without selling your soul. Article also has useful chart of the "Four Most Common Personality Types".

Don't neglect your Presentation Skills
Text version (700 words)
Short article full of useful tips on how to become a better presenter. A must-read for the advanced, as well as for the first time presenter. Published in the Globe and Mail 1992 Still totally useful.

Etiquette for the Global Village
Text Version (1300 words)
The world is changing rapidly, and the rules of civilized behavior are changing right along with it. Proper etiquette varies the world over. Knowing how to behave politely can make or break your business deal.

Executive's Apology shows good Leadership, Expert says
No text version available
Oscar Rojo wrote this for the Toronto Star. Making a public apology is one of the most difficult things in the world. But facts are facts. People will respect your leadership more if you don't hesitate to face them publicly. This article pushed Bender into writing Leadership from Within.

Forging a new brand of Manager
Text version (800 words)
The combination of "Reportability" found mainly in males, and "Rapportability" a predominantly female characteristic is the perfect mix for today's manager. A smart manager changes his or her style to adapt to the situation.

Frustrated with Office Politics? Lead from Within
Text version (1500 words)
When confronted with an interpersonal problem do you blow up, pass it on, stuff it, or get even? None are effective coping mechanisms. For best results, "Lead from Within". This article describes how to apply the five elements of LFW to everyday situations.

Frustrated with Work Relationships? Lead from Within
Text version (900 words)
Don't let outdated communication strategies rule your life. Master these five steps to becoming a better leader. Remember, your past was perfect to get you where you are today. Where you will be tomorrow has a lot to do with what you read and think today.

Good Manager, it takes all Types to be a
Text version (950 words)
A short description of the four basic personality types. To become a better manager, you must cultivate a balanced approach. But first, you must know your own style as well as those of your employees. Be sure you take the Personality Quiz on the home page first!

Gutfeeling-the New Kid in the Boardroom
Text version (1000 words)
The importance of instinct and intuition in making business decisions. Women are often better at it than men. Shares George A. Cohon's story of Ray Crock, founder of McDonalds and his outlook on instincts.

Horoscopes: Facts and Arguments about Your Future
Text version (969 words)
There is nothing as pleasant as a horoscope that says nice things about you. But horoscopes can be both useful and dangerous. As the 17th century French diplomat La Rochefoucauld said: “Flattery is a counterfeit money which, but for vanity, would have no circulation.” Watch it!

Keys to Growing Membership
Text version (750 words)
One of the toughest challenges any association faces is to get new members. And, of course, to keep the old ones. Your job is to sell the benefits of your organization to your members or they will leave you. Talks about Total Value = Actual + Perceived Value

"Leadership from Within" Review
Text version not available
A book review by Kristen Cowan. Looks at eight steps to developing one's vision. The first review received on LFW was so bad, we did not want to put it up. But if you want to know more about it, email us. We'll show you how to turn a negative to a positive.

Leading the Way
Text version (850 words)
The times have been and still are troubled. The one constant is good leadership.
Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the "Dollar-a-year man" in 1933. That is what we need today. History is bound to repeat itself.

Leading with Vision
Text version (500 words)
Using President John F. Kennedy's 1961 announcement that America would put a man on the moon, Bender demonstrates how vision is a critical component of leadership. You can achieve anything if you're willing to pay the price.

Living Successfully in Good Times or Bad
No text version available
Lucy Meckler's book review of "Leadership from Within". Outlines the five key steps on becoming a leader. Leadership begins with leading yourself. You must have vision and passion, take risks, be able to communicate, and constantly check your progress.

The Medium is the Message
Text version not available
By Peter Carter, Business Journal, 1995. Mastering presentation skills isn't just a must, it's a necessity. The five key components of presentation are content, body language, equipment, environment and preparation. Today they're still 100% applicable!

Motivate Others: Motivate Yourself
Text version (2000 words)
To motivate others the trick is to find needs in employees that are unfulfilled. Then look for something in the corporate environment to move them forward. The main thing is not to de-motivate them, something that's very easy to do.

One-on-One: Effective Communication in High-Tech times
Text version (1200 words)
Writer Shannon Moore looks at the unspoken assumption that everyone hears, sees, and feels the world the way we do. Yet each of us receives, processes, and remembers information differently. Suggested reading: Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication!

Power Talks
Text version not available
This article was written by John Greenwood for the Financial Post in 1996. It takes a closer look at top presenters like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Tom Peters, and Peter Urs Bender.

Savvy self-promoter discovers a silver lining in every rain cloud
No text version available
Bill Taylor of The Toronto Star takes a closer look on how Bender markets himself in the ever-competitive speaking business. Peter's philosophy is "If I can do it, you can do it too." He also says: "If you can't make it in Canada, you can't make it anywhere."

Shaking Hands, the Art of
Text version (1050 words)
Handshaking is relatively a new cultural behavior, contrary to what many believe. It has nothing to do with one's character. But we do judge another's character on how he or she shakes our hand! Subconsciously we send out far more messages than we think.

Stand, Deliver, and Lead
Text version (2500 words)
To make powerful presentations you must be connected to your message. But true leaders know they must first learn to lead themselves before leading others. Any outstanding presentation is carefully planned, but its power has to come from within the speaker.

So you want to be a Speaker
Text version (3500 words)
Speaking is the easiest business to get into,but one of the toughest to stay in! Bender shares some of the secrets that have kept him in the business for two decades. This article will help you become speaker you could be.

Speed up your Learning Curve: Get a Mentor
Text version (2100 words)
To get ahead and stay ahead in today's fast moving business world you need a Mentor. Not everyone has the luck to find one. But look around. Family, teachers, and colleagues are potential resources. This article can help you find or create your own.

Talent + Systems = Exceptional Results
Text version (979 words)
Most of us approach life from the talent side. With talent, we say, it's possible to succeed at anything. But for success every time, combine your talent with a system, and you'll get maximum results.

Ten Ways to make a Better Impression in the Boardroom
Text version (1150 words)
You are not judged by your knowledge alone when you make a presentation. Unfortunately we believe our eyes more then we should. Here are some helpful hints to make a better impression.

Tombstone, what will you have on your
Text version (614 words)
What do you want on your tombstone? It's called an 'Epitaph', and it's like a personal mission statement. Try writing your own. You'll find it's a challenging project. If you don't like what you've written, are changes necessary...?

Train Without a Trainer
Text version (650 words)
Before you spend a lot of money hiring a specialist, Bender suggests trying the $50 solution. Buy books which speak to you, set an agenda, and do the training yourself. The article explains how. This is one of the more-often downloaded articles from the site.

Trust: The Intangible that Builds Empires
Text Version (906 words)
Trust is an intangible, yet it's the tie that binds. It's not too farfetched to say it's the key factor in business, government, and social relationships. Here are a few suggestions on how to to build lasting trust with other individuals, in organizations and in business.

Twelve Deadly Sins
Text version not available
Pitfalls to avoid when hiring a keynote speaker for your next convention or conference. Outlines how not to hire a speaker. This article could save you time, money and frustration. Written in a very entertaining way, but very true.

Voicemail, Does it drive you Crazy?
Text version (1350 words)
When steam trains began moving through the countryside farmers worried their cows wouldn't give any more milk. Whether you like it or not, you have to live with voicemail. The trick is to get the most out of it. Here are some helpful hints.

Voicepower, the Magic of
Text version (850 words)
Why are some outstanding and others fail miserably in sales? Is it IQ or EQ? Bender believes the power of your voice influences the buyer much more then you think. This is not an academic paper, but recommendations based on field observations.

What Makes a Good Convention?
Text version not available
Planning, location, speakers, theme, and follow-up are the five factors that make for a good convention. How does yours stack up? This article will help you to get the most out of your next planned event.

What Shrek has to teach us
Text version not available
Shrek has a lot to teach modern managers about leadership: Know Yourself, Integrity and Honesty, Protect Others, Communicate, and Take Risks. Like Shrek, this article has a universal appeal.

Website ROI
Text version (1200 words)
You can easily spend thousands of dollars building a website. But you don't have to. There are ways to do it effectively for less. This article is full of tips on how to build a powerful website from someone who's been there, done that.

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